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Luna Sanctuary

Luna Sanctuary is a heroine's monthly wellness ritual done with our organically grown sisterhood collective, inspired by the full moon cycles. Established live in 2022, Gabie’s Luna Sanctuary is now not only online, but also at your convenience so you can attend our virtual meetings when the ritual works with your schedule! Imagine a space where you can have group support of women who are awakened to their own power and know how to be their own life-coach and come for the witness while we all walk away inspired by the wisdom of the heart collective. Grab your journal, get on your comfy clothes, a beverage and snack of choice and together at your most convenient time, celebrate our illuminated practice of self-reflection!


Come join me in 2024 for only $12 for annual sistership subscription.  To get a feel for what the environment would feel like, email me and I'll send you a link so you can try out the scene and feel for yourself before joining. What makes this online community so different is that you are your own coach of your monthly experiences and reflections and you get to sit back in a comfortable environment and be inspired by others in the circle.  We are here to share our own learning and watch others do the same. Self-empowerment at its best!

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