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Envision™ essential oil blend combines Black Spruce, Geranium, Orange, Lavender, Sage, and Rose for an aroma that stimulates feelings of intuitive creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in visualizing the future and awakening your inner drive necessary to achieve your dreams.

Envision Essential Oil Blend

  • Envision is a blend of six essential oils with an aroma that may inspire you to release the fear of moving forward. When smelling this aroma, you may feel a shift, allowing you to embrace a new future vision. Awaken your dreams and goals by allowing your mind to rest while opening up your creative centering. Allow your intuition to come through and be heard. Black Spruce: Has a grounding aroma Geranium: Has an opening and elevating aroma Orange: Has an uplifting aroma Lavender: Has a calming aroma Sage: Helps remove negative emotions Rose: Has a balancing aroma

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